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To unlock the extensive features offered on Philippine Real Estate Portal, users are required to complete the registration process by providing accurate and current information. Maintaining the platform's integrity, each user is allowed a single account, with the creation of multiple accounts subject to potential termination.

In adherence to legal requirements and platform standards, users must be at least 18 years old to register and avail themselves of the services offered by Philippine Real Estate Portal.

Philippine Real Estate Portal reserves the authority to terminate or suspend user accounts, particularly in instances of non-compliance with the stipulated terms and conditions.

User data is collected and processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for details on how Philippine Real Estate Portal handles user information.

Completion of the registration process signifies user acknowledgment and agreement to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in this "User Registration" section.


To initiate the process, users are tasked with ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in property listings. Philippine Real Estate Portal reserves the right to review and either approve or reject property listings based on their alignment with our guidelines.

Users must affirm that they possess the legal authority to list the property, including the right to sell or rent, with Philippine Real Estate Portal absolving itself of responsibility for disputes arising from unauthorized or misrepresented property listings.

Unless otherwise specified, it is presumed that all content and photos on the site are copyrighted by default. Thus, use is only allowed within the parameters set forth on this website or with the Philippine Real Estate Portal's prior permission. The Philippine Real Estate Portal makes no assurances or claims for the non-infringement of third parties' rights resulting from your use of the data and pictures on the site. These parties are not connected, affiliated, associated, or approved by Philippines Real Estate Portal.


The Philippine Real Estate Portal also has the power to restrict or forbid access to this site and maintains the right to temporarily suspend or permanently terminate all or any portion of it.


To protect the integrity and security of the platform, a list of specifically forbidden behaviors has been outlined under the terms and conditions of Philippine Real Estate Portal. It is completely prohibited for users to participate in any kind of activity, including but not limited to acts of fraud such falsifying property details or transactions. It is completely forbidden to gain unauthorized access to accounts or any other area of the platform beyond its intended purpose. Users must also abstain from installing malicious software, sending unsolicited or spam emails, infringing on intellectual property rights, and taking part in unlawful actions. It is expressly forbidden to engage in harassing or offensive behavior, manipulate platform features, make false statements, or tamper with platform functionality. If any of these activities are violated, user accounts may be suspended or terminated, and if required, legal action may be taken. Maintaining a trustworthy and secure environment for all users is a top priority for Philippine Real Estate Portal.


The website has the right, at any time and for any reason, to reject or remove any classifieds, uploads, or requests for uploads. Before we agree to post the classified, we could ask you for more proof or information, such as your name, phone number, and email address. While we strive to give our visitors the most accurate information possible on the Site, mistakes might always happen, such as when a listing's price is misrepresented on the internet. Because of this, we hold the right to point you in the direction of the proper individual, broker, agent, or organization that uploaded the listing.


It should be noted that the Philippine Real Estate Portal does not guarantee the validity or accuracy of the data or listings submitted by users or clients for publication. The information provided on the Philippine Real Estate Portal at the request of users, clients, or on their own initiative should not be considered fraudulent, misleading, erroneous, or inaccurate.


This Terms and Conditions of Use may be updated, improved, changed, altered, or parts removed at any time. Upon being uploaded on the website, any modifications will take effect. Checking for revisions to the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis is your duty. Following the posting of any changes, you agree to the updated Terms and Conditions, and by using the Site going forward, you signify your acceptance of such changes. The Philippine Real Estate Portal also has the power to restrict or forbid access to this site and maintains the right to temporarily suspend or permanently terminate all or any portion of it.


Please be aware that the primary method of communicating official information, notices, and important updates will be email. Users must make sure that the email addresses they are using are active and up to date. This channel will be used by Philippine Real Estate Portal to communicate important messages.

It is the duty of users to regularly check the official website, account notifications, and email for any updates or notices from Philippine Real Estate Portal. The platform disclaims all responsibility for any outcomes that may arise from a user's inability to receive or respond to notifications issued via these channels.


Limitation of liability is a significant topic in the terms and conditions of Philippine Real Estate Portal. For any loss, harm, or damages, Philippine Real Estate Portal, its divisions, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, representatives, or licensors shall not be held responsible. This covers all types of damages—direct, indirect, incidental, serious, special, severe, and so on—that result from using the site or gaining access to it. This liability limitation is applicable regardless of the legal foundation for the alleged liability, such as negligence, strict liability, contract, tort, or any other legal basis.


Within the terms and conditions of our real estate portal, the provision regarding termination is a crucial part of our commitment to maintaining a reliable and secure platform. Under certain conditions, Philippine Real Estate Portal retains the right to delete user accounts or services. The platform reserves the right to begin this termination at any time, particularly in situations when the specified terms and conditions are breached.

When possible, users will receive enough notice of any upcoming termination, along with the reasons for the action. Furthermore, the Philippine Real Estate Portal recognizes the value of offering an appeals procedure to users. Through this process, users can challenge and appeal decisions that result in the cancellation of their services or accounts.


The Philippine Real Estate Portal shall not be held accountable for the content or actions of third-party websites or any other sites linked to the platform. Your decision to link to any external pages or websites beyond our control is undertaken at your own risk. We advise users to exercise caution and review the privacy policies and terms of use of such third-party sites as they operate independently of the Philippine Real Estate Portal.